The Karatbars compensation plan is brilliant. It has both a binary and unilevel (direct commission). The unilevel compensation plan pays you 10% of what your friends spend: your friend spends $100 in Karatbars, you get $10.00! It also pays you 3% of what your friends' friends spend. So if your friends' friend spends $100, you get$3.00. Finally you get 2% on the 3rd level of referral. So if they spend $100, you get $2.00. Taking this information, we see 3 ways to get free gold, purely by looking at the unilevel comp plan:

Sponsor 10 people

Since you get 10% of each person you directly sponsor, you will be getting 10% from 10 people for 100%. So if you added one saver per month to your team, you would have free gold forever in 10 months... that certainly beats the small price savings you might get at some other place where you earn little or nothing for telling your friends.

Sponsor 5 people who each sponsor 5

You would get 5*10% for the people you sponsor and 25*3 for those indirectly sponsored meaning that you are getting 125% back in commissions even though you are only spending 100%! Paid to save in gold! Again, compare that with saving 15% by yourself. There is no comparison!

Sponsor 3 people who each sponsor 3 who also sponsor 3

  • 3 * 10% = 30%
  • 9 * 3% = 27%
  • 27 * 2% = 54%

54%  + 27% + 30% = 118%

Again, you only found 3 people who were seeking a leveraged way to financial freedom now you are making money instead of just saving money!!!