Building a Karatbars business consists of 3 steps:

  1. Invitation - 
  2. Presentation - They watch that
  3. 3-way Conversation - edify your sponsor, edify your prospect, then let your sponsor answer their questions to see if this is right for them.

If this process is good enough for 3-time Mercedez-Benz qualifier Nitsa Nakos, it should be fine for us too!

Here is what you do to start networking:

  1. Join the Karatbars 1200 Facebook Group of Team Leader Terrence-Monroe: Brannon -
  2. At My Gold Rush Training ( 
    1. Download the KB Universe Support Document
    2. Plug into the Success Resources
    3. Download the Weekly Schedule
  3. If you like the PGR Tracker you came across in the training, you can use that, I personally recommend our cloud-based Success Tracker: But either will work, if you work the system.
  4. Use the invitations that I teach here: 
  5. Follow up with: "Does this sound like something you'd like to know more about"? If they say yes, then schedule a 3-way with your upline. If they say no, fine. This is a sifting/sorting process not a convincing/selling process.
  6. Every week review your success tracker with your sponsor.