This is probably the most common question/criticism from those who have reviewed Karatbars. This pricing facts document contains many good answers, here are mine:

Price Doesn't Matter: Redemption Value Does

Let's say that you spent months scouring the planet for the very best price on gold. Well, I have bad news for you: you will not get that price when you sell it back. Furthermore, because gold prices fluctuate, you have no idea whether the actual price of gold is going to be higher or lower either, further compounding the problem when you worry about the actual price of gold. The only way to make gold purchases profitable is to buy in a team (as is possible with Karatbars) or to buy a coin that is backed by gold (as is also possible with Karatbars).

The "Saver Mentality" Answer

The first answer is going to go along with the idea of 'saving money'. The price of gold between manufacturers varies all the time. All prices tend to be within 10 to 15 percent of each other. What matters more is that regardless of who you choose to save with, if you save every month for 25 years, you will have 1 million dollars. What also matters more is that the saving occurs automatically and that you cannot touch it. Because you get free storage and only take free delivery at 100g, then you will not be inclined to waste your savings on temporary emergencies.

The "Maker Mentality" Answer

Saving money is not making money. The real way to look at Karatbars is that it is designed to quickly get you to having no out-of-pocket expense for gold and from there into ever-increasing passive residual income. 

As stated above, if you save on your own in gold every month for 25 years, you will be happy you did so. But if you want 1 million dollars on a much shorter time frame, then you need to follow a simple system that is specifically designed to leverage the power of people networking with people.